Beef Tartar / Homemade pickles/ Egg yolk/ bread from the local bakery

Hand chopped beef tartar with pickled mushrooms and vegetables, egg yolk, Dijon mustard, bread, fresh black pepper

26 pln

Shrimps/ white wine/ chilli/ parslay/ Bread

Buttery shrimps (6 pc.) in white wine sauce/ fresh garlic, parsley, wheat bread

30 pln

Cheeseboard and ripening meat

4 kinds of cheese including regional cheese from the local family and 4 kinds of homemade ripening meat

32 pln

Oyster mushrooms/Olive oil/ Garlic/ Parsley/ Bread

Oyster mushrooms with garlic fried in olive oil, parsley, served with wheat bread. Vegetarian starter.

18 pln


Goose broth/pasta

Homemade goose broth with handmade pasta


Baked beetroot/ Buncok with ramson/ hazelnuts

Baked beetroot creme with cheese from the local producer, roast hazelnuts. Vegetarian dish.

12 pln

Sauerkraut soup/ smoked ribs/ rye bread

Traditional sauerkraut cooked on smoked ribs served with bread

15 pln

Baked garlic/Baked potatoe/rye sourdough/ bacon crisp

Baked garlic and potatoe creme with homemade rye sourdough and crispy bacon

12 pln

Salads and Pasta

Cesar/ Sous-vide chicken fillet

Cos lettuce/ cherry tomatoes/ red onion/ chicken fillet cooked in low temperature/ cesar sauce/ Grana Padano cheese

22  pln

Salads/ tempura shrimps/ Avocado/ cherry tomatoes/ Lime vinaigrette

Salad with tempura shrimps (5 pc.)

Salads/ Pork tenderloin/ Baked pumpkin/Beetroot/ onion set/ vinaigrette

Salad with grilled pork tenderline/ baked pumpkin/ pickled beetroot/ vinaigrette

32  pln

26 pln

Gnocchi/ cherry tomatoes and dried tomatoes/ garlic/ basil /Burrata

Handmade Gnocchi made with baked potatoes in tomato sauce served with Italian Burrata and basil. Vegetarian dish

25 pln

Tagliatelle/ chicken tenderloin/Bolete mushrooms/ white truffle /Grana Padano

Tagliatelle with bolete mushroom sauce, chicken tenderloin/ white truffle paste, Grana Padano

27 pln


Chicken/ Gnocchi/ Rocket/valerianella/ peanuts/ Jalapeno

Sous-vide chicken breast, handmade Gnocchi, served with peanut sauce and salad

29  pln

Pork tenderloin/ bacon/ baked potatoes/ red cabbage/ smoked sheep milk cheese/ cranberry

Sous-vide pork tenderloin in bacon, served with baked smoked sheep milk cheese, red cabbage, apple and cranberry

Loin of pork /Puree /Sauerkraut/smoked meat

Breaded cutlet, puree, fried sauerkraut

35 pln

25 pln

Entrecote steak/Confit potatoes/ seasonal vegetables/ Black pepper

Polish Entrecote steak, potatoes baked with duck fat, seasonal vegetables, black pepper sauce

50  pln

Salmon steak/ Tagiatelle/cherry tomatoes/Spinach/Lemon

Baked salmon steak (200g), served with Tagliatelle a spinach, baked cherry tomatoes and lemon flavoured oil.

32  pln

Veal cheeks/ confit potatoes/ pumpkin Puree /Seasonal vegetables/dried plum

Veal chicks (300g) stewed in spicy plum sauce, served with potatoes baked in duck fat, pumpkin puree and seasonal vegetables

35  pln

Vegetable Risotto /Polski ser dojrzewający

Carnaroli Risotto with seasonal vegetables and ripening cheese. Vegetarian dish.

Dumplings with goose meat/ dill pickle/chives

Bake Dumplings with goose meat (6 pc.) served with dill pickle and chives, onion fried in goose fat

25 pln

28 pln